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Ancient Connections was an EU / ERDF funded project reviving the ancient links between North Wexford and North Pembrokeshire, Ireland and Wales, in order to create sustainable tourism in and between these regions.  The main legacy product from the initiative is our cross-border pilgrimage route connecting Ferns in Wexford, Ireland with St Davids in Pembrokeshire, Wales.  The 260km route reminds us of the shared heritage highlighted by the friendship of two 5th Century saints, St Aidan from Ireland and St David from Wales. 

The County Councils of Wexford and Pembrokeshire awarded the ERDF fund to a pilgrimage consortium which comprised of the British Pilgrimage Trust (lead body), supported by Pilgrim Paths Ireland based in Ireland and two pilgrimage providers based in Wales, Journeying and Guided Pilgrimage.  

Looking ahead to the future of the pilgrimage route, community interest companies are being formed in both Ireland and Wales to provide the support required to manage the pilgrimage route.  We hope to have these in place in 2024.  

Please note that the route in Ireland is still pending Sports Ireland accreditation which could take up to 2025 or longer.  Please take note of the disclaimer on our home page and contact page in that regard.  Many thanks.

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The Lead Body

The British Pilgrimage Trust is a charity formed in 2014 dedicated to renewing pilgrimage as a form of cultural heritage that promotes holistic wellbeing, for the public benefit.  Holistic wellbeing includes physical, mental, emotional, social, community, environmental and spiritual health, and the aim is to make these benefits accessible to wide new audiences. Pilgrimage has the potential to promote community and diversity in Britain’s and Ireland’s spiritual landscape.

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Pilgrim Paths Ireland

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Pilgrim Paths Ireland is a non-denominational representative body for Ireland’s medieval pilgrim paths. PPI was founded in 2013 to oversee the development and promotion of Ireland’s medieval pilgrimage paths, and consists of 12 community groups supporting specific paths.

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Journeying is a not for profit volunteer organisation that takes small groups on guided walking tour holidays in an informal Christian ambience to the more off-the-beaten-track parts of the British Isles. Hiking through beautiful parts of Scotland, England, Wales and Ireland, the history and heritage of these Islands is all around. Each holiday is led by volunteer guides. The origins of Journeying lie in Celtic spirituality and pilgrimage is a thread woven through all that we do.

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Guided Pilgrimage

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Guided Pilgrimage is a not-for-profit travel company providing a range of Celtic pilgrimage experiences in West Wales, from eight day guided trips through to self-guided tours.  They work with private groups with tailormade arrangements to suit their interests and individuals booking on set departures.  

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